San Diego Comic-con (7/13) Recap!

A continuation of my Comic-Con 2012 recap!

First, here is a youtube video someone took of the Walking Dead Escape route. We saw a lot of people wearing gopro cameras.This guy took pretty good footage. It’s in the daytime so you really get to see all the details. We ran the course while it was nighttime. It made things a bit more chaotic and scary.

Anyway, let’s get the recap done for Friday!


Our Friday started VERY early. We knew we were going to have to get in line early for Ballroom 20. See, the third panel of the day in B20 was the 10th anniversary panel for Firefly. As Firefly is a con/geek favorite, we knew it was going to be crowded. So, we went to bed (after running from zombies) with the plan to wake up around 3:30am and check twitter to see how the line was doing. (How did ANYONE do SDCC before twitter? HOW?!?)

When my alarm went off at 3:30 (much MUCH too early), I checked the SDCClines hashtag on twitter. There was no mention of how many people were in line. Why was there no mention of the line length? Oh, that’d be because JOSS WHEDON WAS WALKING THE LINE AND TAKING PICS/SIGNING AUTOGRAPHS! It was ALL over the twitter feed. I immediately woke up Nora and Lizbeth and was like “JOSS WHEDON IS DOWN THERE!”

We were ready in record time (10 minutes? 15?) and headed down to the line (THANK THE CLOUDS WE WERE IN THE CLOSEST HOTEL POSSIBLE!). Luckily he hadn’t reached the end of the line yet, and as we walked up I could see flashes from cameras. We got in line as he made his way down the line, signing autographs and taking pics with anyone who asked for one. After we freaked out a bit (OMG JOSS WHEDON IS RIGHT THERE!) we prepared for our master to approach us. We were all wearing our Jayne hats (naturally) and posed for a picture with him. He also signed stuff for us and was really sweet. Before he moved on to the next people in line, he looked at us and said “Hot girls wearing Jayne hats makes me feel uncomfortable about Adam Baldwin.” 


Joss Whedon called us hot.


^^ Me, Nora and Lizbeth with our Master. When I show this to my parents, I will tell this “You guys and THIS MAN made me who I am today. You guys are responsible for maybe 60%. This guy is the other 40%.”


^^ Nora and Lizbeth’s reaction to meeting Joss Whedon. Accurate facial description.

After meeting Joss, we made our way to the actual line for B20 (and everything else that ISN’T Hall H) to wait it out. We attempted to get some sleep, but it was pretty difficult.

^^ Everyone attempting to get some sleep in line.

^^ I was in pretty good spirits, considering I’d only gotten 4-5 hours of sleep. Meeting and touching Joss Whedon will do that to you, I guess…

^^ Yes. This will be getting framed.

Around 7am they told us to get ready because they were going to move us inside. This is where things got tricky. The line we were in was for everything other than Hall H. That means it was the line for B20, all the smaller panel rooms, the exhibit hall, the hasbro/mattel purchase line and all the autograph signings. Once they let us inside, it’s basically a mad dash to get where you need to be. It sort of sucks because it means people that were behind you in line could suddenly get in front of you (if they ran/walked faster than you did) and the security people did they best to keep that to a minimum, but it still happened. Anyway, we got in the ACTUAL Ballroom 20 line and waited it out. 

The line went forever. They said at one point there was over 10,000 people in line for B20, and it only holds 4,000. So, as you can expect, a lot of people were going to be disappointed.

We got pretty good seats in the room. We were more worried about just BEING there so the seats weren’t a big deal to us, but in any case, we were pretty close. *shrug*

The first panel of the day was Community, which we DID want to see. Community is HILARIOUS and the panel was just as good. Not everyone was there, but who WAS there were excited and happy and brought the funny. I’m hoping it turned some of the people into fans of the show and their ratings will be good next year. *crosses fingers*

After the Community panel was Legend of Korra. I’ve never seen the show (or Avatar) but it looked really pretty. Dan and I might give it a try sometime in the future. It was pretteh pretteh pictures.

Then, finally, was the Firefly panel. You could feel the electricity in the room. When everyone came out, they were given standing ovations. Well deserved standing ovations. Alan Tudyk, Nathan Fillion, Summer Glau, Sean Maher and Adam Baldwin were there from the cast. Jose Molina, Tim Minear and Joss Whedon also were there. As you can expect, Joss got the biggest ovation.

There were tears. I can’t explain the whole panel (you can youtube it if you’re interested), but toward the end the moderator asked Joss to try to sum up what it all meant. Everyone was on their feet, even the cast, clapping and crying. Joss’ words were tear inducing and the feeling of being there is… hard to put in words. It was definitely one of my favorite things of any comic-con I’ve ever been to.

After the panel was over, I bid adieu to everyone and found my way to the end of the Hall H line. I didn’t really expect to get into Hall H anytime soon, but there were a few panels I wanted to attempt. The Walking Dead panel started five minutes before the Firefly panel ended, but I knew better than to really expect to get in for that. It’s a big draw for the SDCC crowd. Not to mention the Game of Thrones panel was directly after that.

Still, I got in line and hoped for the best. Eventually I did make it into Hall H for the last half of the Resident Evil: Retribution panel. *shrug* Milla Jovovich, Michelle Rodriguez and Oded Fehr are all hot, so I couldn’t really complain, despite the fact that this series should have died a long time ago.

Next up was the panel I was more realistically hoping to be there for: The Sony panel featuring Total Recall, Looper and Elysium. The Total Recall panel was exciting because Kate Beckinsale was there, and she’s super hot, so I oogled her a fair bit (There are other reasons behind my love of KB but they’re varied and hard to explain). I was super excited about the Looper panel because the movie looks amazing. It lived up to my expectations and I can’t wait to see it.

Elysium is the follow-up directorial work of Neill Blomkamp. He did District 9 (which we love) and while it’s not set in the same universe, its gritty nature drew me in and the story looks to be well-thought out and rounded. Matt Damon looks like a badass, and Sharlto Copley has slowly made his way into my ‘awesome actor is awesome’ category.

After that panel was done, we all met up at Fred’s Mexican Cafe and had a few drinks and some delicious food. By this point we were running on fumes and went back to the hotel to get some sleep. Why? Because we had ANOTHER early morning the next day and we needed the sleep!